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These Things are Safest in a Fireproof Safe

Fireproof Safe Carlyle IL

Use a Fireproof Safe to Protect Documents & Valuablesfireproof safe carlyle

Whether it’s at home or work, you want to keep valuable things safe from harm. While a locksmith usually provides this through doors, locks, and keys, you may also want to keep a safe to ensure the complete safety of the most important documents. Additionally, a fireproof safe is important. While a regular safe may provide protection from most things, a fireproof safe ensures that the important things survive even the worst disasters. Take a look at this list of things you may want to keep locked up; just in case.

Family Documents

Put all documents related to your family in a fireproof safe to ensure you can always find it when you need them and only you have access to them. Important documents to keep locked up could include birth certifications, social security cards, medical documents, insurance policies, and more.

Housing Documents

You may also want to keep your housing documents locked up to ensure their safety. These documents might include a property title, homeowners’ insurance, warranties for labor and appliances, a lease agreement, neighborhood agreements, etc. Anything you absolutely can’t lose should go in the safe.

Investment Documents

Additionally, many people keep information related to their investments locked up. These documents are sensitive and should only be accessed by the investor and their chosen financial advisor. Stock and bond certificates, financial records, and more fall into this category. If you wouldn’t want just anyone to see it, it’s probably a good idea to put it in the safe.

Legal Documents

Legal documents could cover various things, and many of them may have already been mentioned in this post. Any agreements that are legally binding including terms of a divorce settlement, restraining orders, etc. belong in the safe.

Emergency Cash/Valuables

If you want emergency access to any quantity of cash, keep it in the safe. Whether it’s thousands, hundreds, or just something to get you through before you can hit the bank, you’ll be thankful you saved a little something. Furthermore, valuables you intend to wear should be kept in the safe. Not comfortable leaving your grandmother’s pearls on your dresser? Need a safe place for other family heirlooms? A fireproof safe is the most surefire way to keep it safe short of a safety-deposit box.

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